The pcDuino is a family of low cost dev boards that use Allwinner SOCs. They run various linux flavors including Ubuntu, Debian and Arch and have hardware headers that provide access to UART, ADC, SPI, PWM, GPIO, and I2C pins.

The pcDuino1

General Links

pcDuino Website
Linksprite Website - Home of pcDuino

Digitalhack's pcDuino Tutorials

Blink - Flash an LED using C
Analog Read using C
Interrupts using C
Digitalhack's pcDuino3 Nano How-To Posts

pcDuino3 Nano
Kernel Upgrade
Ubuntu Upgrade
Creating a Bootable SD Card
Connecting a SATA Disk
Problems with NAND Root File System
System Setup of a SATA Disk
Thoughts on NAS vs Home Server
Webmin Install and Setup
Samba Install and Basic Setup via Webmin
Postfix Install and Basic Setup via Webmin
Build instructions for u-boot, kernel, rootfs and sdcard

Tools and Software

Debian Wheezy for the pcDuino3 Nano. (Root password: 1234)
openFrameworks on pcDuino

Configuration Hints

Changing Debug Levels

Other Useful Links

Arch Linux
Programming the pcDuino
SparkFun pcDuino Product Page