Wednesday, February 11, 2015

pcDuino3 Nano - u-boot, kernel, rootfs and sdcard build instructions

This is another in the series documenting my setup of a new home server with the Linksprite pcDuino3 Nano.  A listing for the entire series can be found here.  More information on the pcDuino3 Nano can be found at Linksprite’s website and the pcDuino website.

I have developed a set of instructions for building u-boot, the sunxi kernel, a debian rootfs and putting it all on an sdcard for the pcDuino3 Nano.

The instructions and the files to support them are on Github.  The manual instructions are derived from Igor Pecovnik’s shell scripts.  I broke them out so that I could get a better idea of everything that was going on and more easily make changes.

Hopefully these will help someone who is looking to build Debian for the pcDuino3 Nano.  If you find any problems with them log an issue on Github or post a comment below.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the howto, got it working for danand 3.4.110+

Can you post a howto how to put the wheezy image into nand, so it works without the sdhc card?

digitalhack said...

Have you tried the instructions on the LinkSprite website for nand?


Ubuntu NAND Image [Kernel ,(use LiveSuite or PhoenixCard, note1)), 12-5-2014 , Kernel for LVDS Screen(use LiveSuite or PhoenixCard), 03-14-2015], Ubuntu
The 2014-12-5 kernel fixes the Arduino-ish IDE corruption issue due to serial port bug.
The LVDS kernel has the touch driver already built-in.
Install LVDS screen on pcDuino3B (Video)