Wednesday, October 30, 2013

openFrameworks / pcDuino MFB Update 1

I am in the process of updating openFrameworks for pcDuino MFB which provides support for openFrameworks on the pcDuino using the Mali frame buffer.  I have setup a new repository based on the latest openFrameworks release and have applied the pcDuino Mali frame buffer changes that I developed last spring.  The latest openFramework release has incorporated the Raspberry Pi changes which the pcDuino changes are patterned after.

The new repository and the appropriate branch can be found at:

The repository has the changes in it and I have successfully compiled several of the examples and several of my own test programs.  What I haven’t tested is the install process.  I hope to get to that over the next week or so.

If you give it a try I would be interested in hearing from you (leave a comment) and if you find something that doesn’t work please put an issue in for the repository.

Quick Note - pcDuino - Changing mali_debug_level

Create a conf file for mali in /etc/modprobe.d with one line in it.

cat > /etc/modprobe.d/mali.conf
options mali mali_debug_level=2

I had recently run into an issue where the rsyslogd process was chewing up about 75% of the CPU when I was using the mali driver for GLES2 support. I found out that the mali_debug_level was set to 10. As a result there was a significant amount of messages being generated by the driver. I changed the mali-debug_level to 2 and the high utilization and the messages went away.

I believe this will still get you critical and error messages.

Related commands:

  • To list settable options for a module use: modinfo <module>
  • If module isn’t loaded you can do modprobe <module> [<parameter>=<value>]
  • To determine active value look in /sys/module/<module>/parameters