Friday, December 19, 2014

pcDuino3 Nano

Thanks to the folks at LinkSprite a pcDuino3 Nano recently arrived in my mailbox.  The pcDuino3 is a later generation of the pcDuino which I got in March 2013.  I really enjoyed working with the original pcDuino.  I used it on in a number of projects which are documented in this blog

I found the pcDuino to be a usable computer with easy access to the basic hardware level.  Unlike some other similar systems you can  boot into a windowed environment and get very reasonable performance.

My positive experiences with the first pcDuino led me back to LinkSprite when I started looking for a  a new system to host my home network attach storage system.  The specifications for the pcDuino3 Nano sold me on it and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

What I liked about the pcDuino3 Nano was that it has a decent amount of processing power, a SATA port, GB ethernet and at $39.99 a very attractive price.  Over the next week or so I plan to document my experiences putting this system through its paces and then setting up the NAS system.


The picture above is where I was about 10 minutes after unboxing the pcDuino3 Nano.  I had it plugged into my network and into a monitor with a keyboard, a mouse and a console cable.  I applied power and it booted me into Lubuntu 12.04.

I plan to post updates and tutorials on this project over the next several months.

More to follow…

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