Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Time Flies - March - July 2014

It has been rather quiet around here.

I have been working on a bunch of stuff but nothing that has gotten far enough along to write a post about.  One big area I spent a lot of time on was Bluetooth Low Energy both from Linux on the pcDuino running Arch Linux and from Android on the Nexus 7.

I also started having PC problems and ended up building a new desktop computer.  The new computer is built with an AS Rock Z87M Extreme4 motherboard and an Intel i5-4670K processor.  The rest of the parts were scavenged from equipment at hand.

The PC has worked mostly OK for the last three month.  I had some fits with getting USB 3.0 to work on the motherboard which turned out to be a driver issue and the stock fan that comes with the processor isn’t able to keep the processor cool enough running under extreme load but that fortunately doesn’t happen with normal usage.  I have also had problems with finding a reasonably priced power supply with a quiet fan that stays quiet.

More to come soon, hopefully.

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