Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bluegiga BLED112 Setup on Windows 7

To use the Bluegiga BLED112 dongle and sdk with Windows 7 you will should follow the steps below.

Download and Install the Software

Go to the Bluegiga site and download the appropriate software.  It is recommended that you want to make sure that you download the sdk for the version of software that is loaded on your BLED112. 

I was not able to figure how to determine which version of software is running on the usb dongle without downloading the software and installing it.  Fortunately, I guessed right.  At the time that I did the the BLED112 dongle I received was running v1.2.2-100. 

To download the software you will need to register on the Bluegiga site.  Once you are registered go to this URL to download the software.

When you get to the website you will want to select Software Releases which should expand the section to list the software versions available for download.


Plug in the BLED112

Once the software has installed plug in your BLED112 and wait for the drivers to install.

Access the BLED112 using the BLE GUI Software

Once the BLED112 has completed its install you should execute the BLE GUI software that was downloaded.  This can be done via the icon on the desktop or through the program menu.

When the software runs it will display a windows as shown below.


The software should have the COM port that was installed listed as shown in the first red circle.  As long as the right COM port is showing the next step is to select the Attach button as shown in the second red circle.  I was able to use the default baud rate.

When you are successfully connected the Attach button should change to a Detach button and next to the button should be a green Connected as shown below.


The next step is to select Commands from the menu bar and then select the Info command.


This should result in the BLED112 reporting back its version as shown below.


This means that the BLED112 dongle is successfully installed.

Using Device Manager to Find Your COM Port

If you run into problems with what COM port the BLED112 is connected to you can open a command window and enter devmgmt.msc which will bring up the Windows 7 device manager.  Then scroll down to Ports (COM & LPT).  Click on the triangle / arrow to expand the port listing and you should see a COM port that lists Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy (COMx) where COMx is the COM port that is connected to the BLED112.


In my next post I will discuss walking through the sdk and some changes that I had to make to get the sdk to work correctly with Code::Blocks 12.11 and MINGW.


Unknown said...

Nice tutorial. You mention about changing the main.c to use the bleaddress of the rfduino. How is this bleaddress found out?>

jo said...

Since you posted such a ueseful instruction, would you happen to know also how to instruct the BLED112 over the GUI to pair to a discovered special BT-device, (assuming that I've got the correct pairing cod), and how to make the BLED112 over the GUI show the raw incoming stream of received data as sent continuously from that connected BT-device, after it has been initiated?