Monday, March 2, 2015

pcDuino3 Nano - Home Server NAS Performance

This is another in the series documenting my setup of a new home server with the Linksprite pcDuino3 Nano.  A listing for the entire series can be found here.  More information on the pcDuino3 Nano can be found at Linksprite’s website and the pcDuino website.

Last week I got a comment on my pcDuino3 Nano – NAS or ??? posting where the commenter had found the pcDuino3 Nano unusable as a NAS due to slow performance and lockups.  As I hadn’t done any testing I decided to run some tests.

For testing I used OpenMediaVault running on Debian Wheezy.  The test machine and the pcDuino3 Nano were connected via Gig LAN ports.  On the pcDuino2 Nano I was using a 2.5 inch SATA drive rated at 72000 RPM and 3.0 Gb/s.  For running the tests I used the Intel NAS Performance Toolkit

I ran 8 passes of the full test suite.  The system never locked up and response time was in line with what I would expect from the board.  It will not win any competitions for speed but it is quite usable.

For comparison I ran 4 passes of the full test suite on my Raspberry PI OpenMediaServer.  The Pi also ran all the tests successfully but with much slower response times.

Below is a summary of the results of the tests.

  pcDiuno3 Nano Raspberry PI
HD Video Playback 18.1 4.1
2x HD Video Playback 16.8 4.3
4x HD Video Playback 16.1 4.5
HD Video Record 24.4 9.4
HD Playback and Record 23.0 5.9
Content Creation 3.9 1.2
Office Productivity 25.3 12.9
File copy to NAS 13.1 6.0
File copy from NAS 30.3 3.9
Dir copy to NAS 3.4 2.8
Dir copy from NAS 6.6 2.9
Photo Album 4.1 2.2

I am working on some posts about configuring OpenMediaVault on the pcDuino3 Nano. I should have them posted in a week or two.

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