Monday, October 22, 2012

Heart Rate Monitor Project – Phase 1: Software

Over the weekend I developed some initial code to work with the hardware setups posted last week. The code was developed in Arduino 1.0.1.

Ant+ Heart Rate Monitor Code for Arduino


Douglas Robertson said...

Did you get this to work? I am thinking about using the Garmin temp sensor in a project. Where did you get the spec (ANT_DEVICETYPE, etc) for communicating?

digitalhack said...


I got the heart rate monitor working. I got my information from several sources. The best by far is

If you look under the development section they have information on device profiles.


RetroRunnerReadout said...

Hi DigitalHack,

Thanks for work on this. I am looking to do something similar and have taken your code and refactored/reworked and put into a library.

The lib is at

The information about the rest of the project is at .

Anonymous said...


I tried to follow your setup but I am getting this result on my Serial monitor:

Config Starting
TX: A4 1 4A 0 EF
TX: A4 3 42 0 0 0 E5

Can you please guide me on fixing this one?