Monday, December 12, 2011

Robot Project – aBot (Arduino Robot)

I have decided to call my current robot project aBot for Arduino Robot.  As I shared in my last post I am going base to be using the Budget Robotics’ ArdBot Chassis

Here is the parts list as it now stands:

  1. Budget Robotics ArdBot Chassis
  2. Pair of Budget Robotics XWheels
  3. Adafruit Boarduino
  4. Two Pololu Digital Reflectance Sensors (QTR-1RC)
  5. Two Sparkfun Large Full Rotation Servos (ROB-09347)

I expect I will add a few more things as the project progresses.

The first step is to develop wheel encoders using the Pololu Digital Reflectance Sesnors.

1 comment:

Gunther Cox said...

Nice work! Arduino is an amazingly versatile platform. I am sure it will fit your needs perfectly - Good luck!