Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quick Note - Arduino – Serial Programmer

Notes on using the Arduino – Serial Programmer

1. Connect a cable connecting the two 2x4 headers as shown by the red arrow.

2. Make sure that the headers are connected so that pins are connected 1 – 6 with the boards oriented as shown below. The green arrows are pointing at pin 3 on both boards with the pins number top row from left to right numbered 1 – 3 and bottom row 4 – 6.


3. A serial programmer will need to be configured in the Arduino programmers.txt file. Add the commands below to the file. This file in on Windows as of Arduino V018 is located in <arduino$root>\hardware\arduino.

4. The Arduino preferences file can be updated to print more information during the programming process by adding


On Windows this file is located in and the arduino directory in a users Application Data directory (AppData\Roaming in Windows 7).

5. Burning the boot loader did not work with the Prolific USB Serial Cable under Windows 7. Ended up using hardwired COM port on Windows XP system. Didn’t troubleshoot.

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