Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time Flies – January and February 2010

Wow, my last post was back in December.

Since my last post I have worked on the projects below. I will try and get some details posted.

1) Program in c++ to read Caller ID off the modem in my PC and broadcast it to a client that is now installed on all PCs in the house. That way if you are on a PC when the phone rings you can see who is calling.

2) Started putting together a PVR using an old Windows XP PC and a Hauppauge card. I tried various open source packages but for now am using the WinTV package that came with the card.

3) To beat the winter blues of having to ride inside I worked at interfacing my bicycle to an Ardunio. I used an old Cat-Eye rear wheel and cadence sensor and I have it to the point where it is doing MPH and cadence back to the Arduino IDE.

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